Welcome to the War Criminals List website

WarCriminalsBD.org is a website to expose the list of War Criminals of Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. The liberation war of Bangladesh was a history of genocide by Pakistan Army. Pakistani military forces required military support from their Bengali supporters who still wants to live with Pakistan in the movement; as well as the non-Bengali muhajirs in order to abolish the freedom fighters of Bangladesh. Therefore Rajakar, Al Badar, Al Shams and peace committee were formed through Islamic fundamentalist parties including Jama´at E Islami, proclaiming jihad against Indians, to seek unity among the population for the two wings of Pakistan, in the name of religion.

Thus people involved with these troops and the bengali friends of Pakistani Army known as Rajakars were involved in mass killing, rape and torture of women and children and other war crimes.

We have collected the list of all criminals of Bangladesh to let the World know their past so that they can be put to the law for their war crimes and crimes against humanity. The list has been taken from the Book titled যুদ্ধাপরাধীদের তালিকা ও বিচার প্রসঙ্গ written by ডা: এম.এ.হাসান and published by তাম্রলিপি in February 2009.